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43. Favorite Dadist and/or surrealist<br>
43. Favorite Dadist and/or surrealist<br>
'''[[Buffalo Bob]]'''
'''[[Wikipedia:Buffalo Bob Smith|Buffalo Bob]]'''
44. Favorite contemporary musician(s) ''group(s)<br>
44. Favorite contemporary musician(s) ''group(s)<br>
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'''[[Anton Webern]]<br>
'''[[Anton Webern]]<br>
'''[[John Cage]]<br>
'''[[John Cage]]<br>
'''[[Buckminster Fuller]]
'''[[Wikipedia:Buckminster Fuller|Buckminster Fuller]]
45. Favorite well known personage<br>
45. Favorite well known personage<br>
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50. Favorite other stuff<br>
50. Favorite other stuff<br>
'''[[Moon Zappa|Moon]], [[GTO's]], W. M. F., C. B., Motorishi, Delving + Bro., Pachuco E., [[El Monte]], [[Houston]] + [[Dallas]], [[Vancouver]], [[Salt Lake City]], [[London]], Amsterdam, Peanut butter, Herby, Mutt, [[Jimi Hendrix]], [[Thelma Ritter]]'''
'''[[Moon Zappa|Moon]], [[GTO's]], W. M. F., C. B., Motorishi, Delving + Bro., Pachuco E., [[Wikipedia:El Monte, California|El Monte]], [[Houston]] + [[Wikipedia:Dallas|Dallas]], [[Wikipedia:Vancouver|Vancouver]], [[Wikipedia:Salt Lake City|Salt Lake City]], [[London]], Amsterdam, Peanut butter, Herby, Mutt, [[Jimi Hendrix]], [[Wikipedia:Thelma Ritter|Thelma Ritter]]'''
SPACE FOR DETAILED ANSWERS TO OTHER QUESTIONS. Indicate item numbers to which answers apply.
SPACE FOR DETAILED ANSWERS TO OTHER QUESTIONS. Indicate item numbers to which answers apply.

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4 sheets from the "United Mutations Folio"

This form must be completed in duplicate. Use dark legible pen or typewrite if possible. Make sure all questions have been answered to the fullest extent of your memory's capacity and/or imagination where applicable. Complete all items except No. 28. If an answer to any item is "no" or "none" so state. Any items that for personal reasons you wish to remain confidental leave blank.

Item 17A. pertains to type of licenses or certificates in possession.

After you have filled out this form in duplicate place one copy with your records in a safe place and send the other copy to United Mutations, Box 23315, Hollywood, California 90028 along with a suitable photograph or photographs and any other material which you feel may be necessary.


1. Photo

2. Social Name
Frank Zappa

3. Name at birth (First, middle, last)
Francis Vincent Zappa

4. Address of correspondence (Number, Street, State, and Zip code)
5455 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1713, Losa Angeles 90046

5. Home phone No. 000001

6. Height

7. Weight

8. Sex

9. Marital status

10. Birthplace
Baltimore, Maryland

11. Birth date


13. Profession If student so state

14. Place of Employment if presently emplyed University or school if student

15. Position

16. Description of work
Compose + arrange material for group, play lead guitar + sing + do office work + so on + so forth

Have you ever lived or traveled through any foreign city/states throughout the Continental United States? explain in detail)
yes and no

A. Licenses or certificates local 47 AFM
High school diploma

E. Special skills you possess and machines and equipment you can use
None special

F. Special qualifications not covered in application (For example, your most important publications; your patents or inventions; membership in professional or scientific societies, etc.; honors and fellowships received.)
Are you kidding?


A. State major field of study at highest level of education
12th Grade + 1 Semester Junior College (music)

B. Most enlightening revelation brought about through highest level of education (in less than five words please)
Bored out 90/over

C. Most enlightening regulation maintained by educational facility (use as many words as you please)
With three Stromberg 97's


23. Have you ever had a nervous breakdown? –– X

25. Have you ever had an allergic reaction to pemiculin? –– X

26. Have you ever been arrested, taken into custody, held for investigation or questioning, or charged by any law enforcement authority? (Do not omit: (1) Traffic violations for which you paid a fine of $30.000 or less, (2) Minor petty larcenies, (3) Major petty larcenies, (4) Anything that happened before your 6th birthday. All incidents must be included, even though they were dismissed or you merely forfeited collateral.)X ––
27. While in the military service were you ever arrested for an offence which resulted in a trial by deck court or by summary, special, or general court-martial? –– X
If your answer to 26, or 27, is "yes" give details in item 39, showing form each incident (1) date, (2) charge, (3) place, (4) law enforcing authority or type of court or court-martial, and (5) action taken.

28. Furs are articles made of fur on the hide or pelt and articles of which such fur is worth more than three times as much as the next most valuable component. X ––

29. The first digit of my area code is 6. XX

30. A citizen of Pennsylvania may sue the state of New Jersey in a federal court. XX

31. Considering the average for my sex I wear my hair. X ––

32. The most unusual film on our program , now or ever, is Ted Browning's FREAKS. Browning, a master of the macabre, created the imperishable Dracula with Bela Lugosi and The Unholy Three with Lon Chaney.X ––

33. Mothers is good.X ––


34. My favorite kind of ravioli is

35. My favorite hobby is

36. My favorite music is

37. Favorite color
Naples yellow

38. Favorite smell
Naples yellow

39. My favorite confrontation with authority
Mr. Luckstead + Ernie Tosi

40. My favoritest place
Laurel Canyon

41. Favorite contemporary artist(s) Visual, environmental or cinema
C. Schenkel

42. Favorite predecessor
Louie Louie

43. Favorite Dadist and/or surrealist
Buffalo Bob

44. Favorite contemporary musician(s) group(s)
Edgard Varèse
Anton Webern
John Cage
Buckminster Fuller

45. Favorite well known personage
Dick Barber

46. Favorite movie

47. Favorite form of recreation

48. Favorite flavor ice cream if you don't like ice cream your favorite piece of apparel

49. Fave rave
Gail Pumpkin

50. Favorite other stuff
Moon, GTO's, W. M. F., C. B., Motorishi, Delving + Bro., Pachuco E., El Monte, Houston + Dallas, Vancouver, Salt Lake City, London, Amsterdam, Peanut butter, Herby, Mutt, Jimi Hendrix, Thelma Ritter

SPACE FOR DETAILED ANSWERS TO OTHER QUESTIONS. Indicate item numbers to which answers apply.

Signature (sign in ink), FZ, Date Sept. 1/68