Chunga's Revenge

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For the front cover, Calvin designed a spoof on cheesy horror-movie ads, featuring cartoony wording and a photo that turned out not to be Frank screaming, as at first glance, but yawning (“Chunga’s Revenge” therefore being revealed as a funny Zappa term for weariness).

Each second song on the original side 1 and side 2 has to do with women performing "favors" of a sexual nature; the implication is that military men are at least as “dirty” as stereotypical rock musicians. The line “What the road ladies do to you” from “Road Ladies” is a twist on “Ooh, what it do to you” from “WPLJ” on Burnt Weeny Sandwich; the wine makes you horny, but the girl gives you venereal disease. The names “Freddie and Joe” heard in “Would You Go All the Way?” are send-ups of “Eddie and Flo.”

“Twenty Small Cigars” (a pack of cigarettes) is an outtake from the Hot Rats sessions and features Max Bennett on stand-up bass. Both the guitar and overdubbed harpsichord are played by Frank.

“The Nancy & Mary Music” comes from a concert at the Tyrone Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota and features George Duke doing vocal drum imitations.