Chunga's Revenge

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Release Info

Transylvania Boogie

Road Ladies

Twenty Small Cigars

Nancy And Mary Music, The

Tell Me You Love Me

Would You Go All The Way?

Chunga’s Revenge The Track

Clap, The

Rudy Wants To Buy Yez A Drink




For the front cover, Calvin Schenkel designed a spoof on cheesy horror-movie ads, featuring cartoony wording and a photo that turned out not to be Frank screaming, as at first glance, but yawning (“Chunga’s Revenge” therefore being revealed as a funny Zappa term for weariness).

Each second song on the original side 1 and side 2 has to do with women performing "favors" of a sexual nature; the implication is that military men are at least as “dirty” as stereotypical rock musicians. The line “What the road ladies do to you” from “Road Ladies” is a twist on “Ooh, what it do to you” from “WPLJ” on Burnt Weeny Sandwich; the wine makes you horny, but the girl gives you venereal disease. The names “Freddie and Joe” heard in “Would You Go All the Way?” are send-ups of “Eddie and Flo.”

Twenty Small Cigars” (a pack of cigarettes) is an outtake from the Hot Rats sessions and features Bennet Max on stand-up bass. Both the guitar and overdubbed harpsichord are played by Frank.

Nancy & Mary Music, The” comes from a concert at the Tyrone Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota and features Duke George doing vocal drum imitations.

Conceptual Continuity