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Jeeez, this page has been up for how long and nobody bothered to tell me that I'd neglected Ray Collins!?!?!?

What? Is it my breath? What?


It Be Your Breath

Trust me bro, I been there... ;-)

A Little help?

Thanks to the excellent suggestion from emdebe, I have changed the Norman Gunston (Gary McDonald) link to two links, one for each 'name'. Might the moderator please create a re-direct for these that link to the original article on the man?




The redirects are there now SOFA. In case you're curious, it's as easy as sticking this:

#REDIRECT[[Norman Gunston (Gary McDonald)]]

at the top of the pages you want redirected.

-- KUR

Deletions, and the deleters who delete them

Is it possible, before an article is deleted thanks to improper spelling (as it should be) that the history of an article be checked so that any pages/articles that exist go along with this change, as well as the list from which they are generated? I mean, for future deletions?

For example: I started the Zubin Metha / Mehta article; not much text, really, but I had him down as belonging to Musicians (as a conductor, he rightfully belongs with the musicians he conducts). Emdebe provided a great article on Zubin, and added some more approriate tags. Then it was pointed out that Metha was spelled wrong (I didn't know, I swear; I just copied/pasted what I found in the reference site). The proper changes were made and the old missplelled article deleted. But, The Musicians list, which generated the article in the first place, was not changed - so the offending, misspelled article remained logged there, albeit stripped of all text...

I'd think it only fair that when changes occur like this due to errors in spelling or whatever, that the change should be made to include all points of reference. Or, is that asking too much? I've made the proper change to the Musicians list, but would not have had I not gone back into the article's history, and seen what happened. Hell, I wouldn't even have known...


SOFA: there was no need to edit the existing musicians pages, as I can simply put up a redirect page for "Zubin Metha" so that this will redirect to the correct "Zubin Mehta" page. I'll set this up in a moment. Sorry for the hassle it caused you... -- KillUglyRadio 06:50, 4 Apr 2005 (PDT)

Actually, Bro I changed the spelling in my link to the correct one; I think this is a little less confusing than a "redirect" - especially if someone is using that list as a research source... What I was hinting at was making the proper change (which was done, I believe), but checking the history of an article to make sure that other research, or category tags, are not lost in the correction.

It wasn't a hassle at all... Really.


Sorry SOFA, I changed a couple of links, but apparently I missed some... User:emdebe

Categories on the "Musicians" page

It has been reported to me that my categories (Category: Rock Artists, Category:Jazz Composers, Category:Folk Artists, Category:Doo-wop and R&B Artists, Category:Blues singers) were considered for deletion. I don't understand why? There are categories for Category:Composers to put all the classical composers on one page (which I support), but we can't have all the musicians of one particular genre put together in their musical categories? Again: why? Are these musical genres considered "lower art forms in comparison with classical music, unworthy of their own category". Zappa enjoyed all these musicians and genres and therefore I believe that they should all be treated equally.

Just to call everyone "Category:Musicians" without discerning drummers from guitarists, jazz musicians from doowop artists, bandmembers from people who never even played in Zappa's group is just too simple minded. Clear categorisations would make it so much easier to see what kind of musicians are listed in this wiki instead of this gigantic mess of numerous people who are called "musicians" or "supporting cast", even though quite a lot of these names are just one time references Zappa once made in his "The Real Frank Zappa Book" or even people who Zappa never met, left alone "supported" him.

It's also interesting to see how many artists Zappa liked or referred to in his music or how many artists have an article on this wiki? I was really amazed how many different doo-wop groups Zappa liked and I would never found this out if they weren't put into one clarifying category.

But: articles without any Zappa references at all should be deleted, like these ones: Bruce Springsteen, Miles Davis, Madonna,...They are probably only here because he mentioned them once. They should be deleted or at least checked if there's any noteworthy link with Zappa at all. Did he like these artists? Did he met them once? Did they work together on stage or in the studio? Did he have an opinion about them? Were they influences? Did he reference or parody them in his music? Are the artists themselves Zappa fans? If not, then they should be deleted. User:Spider of Destiny 12 December 2010 19:42

As you say... "Zappa enjoyed all these musicians and genres and therefore I believe that they should all be treated equally." Musicians, treated equally, is what we have done. I would say that articles are better than category listings. Write a great article about all the doo-wop groups Zappa liked, all the drummers he worked with, all the jazz composers he admired etc. etc. As mentioned before many of the non-articles (Springsteen et. al.) can just be mentioned in the original list and linked to Wikipedia. Duncan 22:32, 12 December 2010 (UTC)