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Jeeez, this page has been up for how long and nobody bothered to tell me that I'd neglected Ray Collins!?!?!?

What? Is it my breath? What?


It Be Your Breath

Trust me bro, I been there... ;-)

A Little help?

Thanks to the excellent suggestion from emdebe, I have changed the Norman Gunston (Gary McDonald) link to two links, one for each 'name'. Might the moderator please create a re-direct for these that link to the original article on the man?




The redirects are there now SOFA. In case you're curious, it's as easy as sticking this:

#REDIRECT[[Norman Gunston (Gary McDonald)]]

at the top of the pages you want redirected.

-- KUR

Deletions, and the deleters who delete them

Is it possible, before an article is deleted thanks to improper spelling (as it should be) that the history of an article be checked so that any pages/articles that exist go along with this change, as well as the list from which they are generated? I mean, for future deletions?

For example: I started the Zubin Metha / Mehta article; not much text, really, but I had him down as belonging to Musicians (as a conductor, he rightfully belongs with the musicians he conducts). Emdebe provided a great article on Zubin, and added some more approriate tags. Then it was pointed out that Metha was spelled wrong (I didn't know, I swear; I just copied/pasted what I found in the reference site). The proper changes were made and the old missplelled article deleted. But, The Musicians list, which generated the article in the first place, was not changed - so the offending, misspelled article remained logged there, albeit stripped of all text...

I'd think it only fair that when changes occur like this due to errors in spelling or whatever, that the change should be made to include all points of reference. Or, is that asking too much? I've made the proper change to the Musicians list, but would not have had I not gone back into the article's history, and seen what happened. Hell, I wouldn't even have known...


SOFA: there was no need to edit the existing musicians pages, as I can simply put up a redirect page for "Zubin Metha" so that this will redirect to the correct "Zubin Mehta" page. I'll set this up in a moment. Sorry for the hassle it caused you... -- KillUglyRadio 06:50, 4 Apr 2005 (PDT)