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The Freak Out! list.

In the liner notes of *Freak Out! it says: "These People Have Contributed Materially in Many Ways to Make Our Music What it is. Please Do Not Hold it Against them." ... followed by a long list of people.

In an interview with Frank Kofsky (in Jazz & Pop, 1967) FZ stated: "That whole Freak Out! album is to be as accessible as possible to the people who wanted to take the time to make it accessible. That list of names in there, if anybody were to research it, it would probably help them a great deal." Knowing who these people are/were is one thing; knowing what they meant to FZ is something completely different...

All these people can be divided into several categories (and many had their name misspelled...):

This leaves another bunch of unknown, thus "un-identified" people (although there are some clues to some of them, perhaps): Jerry Allberg (probably "Ullberg"), Bobby Atler, The Bokelmans, Leonard Gorczyca, Carol, Cordy, Daddy-o Curtis Crump, Randy De Wees, George Di Carl, Donna No 1 ("Donna #1"), Donna No 2 ("Donna #2"), Shirley Eiler, Evy, Floyd, Carl Greenhouse, Jeff Harris, The Hypnotist, Lyn Johnson, Joyce, Joe Polly, Lance Reardon, Lillian Rudolph, Ruthie, Steffie, Lee Zugon.

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