But Who Was Fulcanelli?

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Players On This Song

FZ : Custom Strat

Steve Vai : Stunt guitar

Ray White : Rhythm guitar

Bobby Martin : Keyboards

Tommy Mars : Keyboards

Scott Thunes : Bass

Chad Wackerman : Drums

Ed Mann : Percussion

Records On Which This Song Has Appeared


FZ Albums & Side Projects

Tribute & Cover Albums

Notes About This Song

  1. Out-take from Drowning Witch.
  2. Publisher: Munchkin Music, Ascap
  3. Recorded in June 1982 in Cologne (Germany) on a 24 track analog
  4. Engineer: Mark Pinske
  5. Remote Facility: UMRK Mobile
  6. Remix engineer: Bob Stone
  7. Remix facility: Utility Muffin Research Kitchen

For more information about Fulcanelli: see Fulcanelli.

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