Bobby, This Is Tony

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Tony: Bobby? Bobby, this is Tony. Listen, we're havin' a little problem. We're openin' this club tonight and eh, we need some live acts. Yeah, we need something different, something to kinda—huh? Performance artist—what's that? Oh yeah? Really? Really? [laughs] They got, eh, he puts it up his ass, eh? And he lights it? Yeah, yeah, yeah, get that guy, get that guy. Performance artist, huh? Alright, [laughs] never heard of that one before. Yeah, bring him down. Well, let me ask ya somethin'— does he, can he do it with a can of beans too? Great, yeah, bring him down, we'll have 'em, the whole thing, the beans, an' then, an' then, an' maybe. Alright, alright. Yeah, yeah, come on down, it's gonna be great—we're gonna have free prawns, free caviar, the whole thing. The whole shebang, we're going all out. Yeah, well it's a new club, I wanna, I want it—we got a band, the Scumbags band and everything. Yeah, so why don't you, come down, bring the —bring the wife, y'know. Yeah, come down when the guy's doing the act, y'know, she'll like that, y'know. I'm bringing Angie down too, she'll.she'll.she'll like it too. Yeah. Alright. Alright. Ok. Alright, OK. OK Bobby. Alright. Yeah, I will. OK. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Bye bye now. Take care.