Bit Of Nostalgia

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Spider: Bit of nostalgia for the old folks!
Gilly: I'm advocating dark clothes
Girl #1: If I'm not alone . . . How long have I been asleep?
Gilly: As long as I have
Girl #2: Did you ever live in a drum?
Girl #1: No
Girl #2: Well then you aren't me
Gilly: I only dreamt I lived in a drum. Ever since it got dark. Dreaming is hard
Girl #1: Yea, but with nothing over your head?
Gilly: No, just light, over my head. And underneath too
Girl #1: I don't think I could take it without anything over my head
Girl #2: Mm-mmh, I couldn't either
Girl #1: Well why don't you go out and see what's out there?
Gilly: Well . . . I don't know if that's what's out there
Girl #2: Now that's a thought
Gilly: Yes . . .
Girl #2: If you'd like . . .
Gilly: But still you can say darker and darker. I don't know what the outside of this thing looks like at all
John: I do. It's dark and murky
Spider: How do you get your . . . your water so dark?
John: 'Cause I'm paranoid. I'm very paranoid. And the water in my washing machine turns dark out of sympathy
Spider: Out of sympathy?
John: Yes
Spider: Um . . . where can I get that?
John: At your local drugstore
Spider: How much?

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Notes About This Song

The snatch of surf guitar after Spider says “A bit o’ nostalgia for the old folks!” comes from the track Hurricane (DayTone 6401, 1963) which FZ produced for Conrad & The Hurricane Strings at Pal Studio.

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