Big Legs (Unedited Master Take)

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Engineer: Stand by. We're rolling.
FZ: This is called "Big Leg."
?: "And Little Socks."
Engineer: Take 1.
"Big Legs." Take 1.
FZ: Big legs and little socks.
Take 1 and rolling.
Here we go.
FZ: Oh. Hold the tape.
Rolling. Take 1.
FZ: Don't worry about it. Here we go.
Rolling. Take 1.

FZ: It's gonna start off like that.

FZ: Do another one.

Take 2.
How many bars?
FZ: Uh . . . Why don't you count it off?
FZ: Just every— You three start together on this.
One . . . Two . . . One, two . . .

And that sure was a lot of "Big Legs."