Anxiety Of Influence

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Release Info

The Meridian Arts Ensemble
Anxiety Of Influence

1996 cd nl channel crossings ccs 9796


Frank Zappa (arr. Jon Nelson)
1. Run Home Slow
2. The Little March
3. Little House I Used To Live In – Piano Intro
4. Little House I Used To Live In – Ensemble
5. The Black Page – Drums Solo
6. The Black Page – Ensemble

Claude Debussy (arr. John Sheppard)
7. Sarabande

Stephen Barber
8. Semahane

Daniel Grabois
9. Zen Monkey

Traditional afro/cuban (arr. Jon Nelson)
10. El Solitario

Stanley Silverman
11. Variations On A Theme Of Kurt Weill

Raymond G. Stewart
12. Okay Chorale
13. Kohs-Ska


Meridian Arts Ensemble:

  • Jon Nelson: trumpet
  • Josef Burgstaller: trumpet
  • Daniel Grabois: horn
  • Benjamin Herrington: trombone
  • Raymond G. Stewart: tuba
  • John Ferrari: drums
  • Jon Klibanoff: piano


Conceptual Continuity