"This Is The Show They Never See"

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Ron Delsener?: Whaddyasay we all go out and have a dinner.

associate producer BENNETT GLOTZER

FZ: This IS the show. This is the show they never see, right?

produced and directed by FRANK ZAPPA

Bruce Bickford: Wait, you got that one while I was in there. FZ: OK, sorry. Bruce Bickford: Well, let's start over. FZ: OK.

FZ: It's gonna change the pacing of it a little bit to do that.
Bruce Bickford: Hanna-Barbera uses the half-hour exposure.
FZ: Ha hah hah . . .

Bruce Bickford: Neither the torture chamber nor the disco knows about the existence of each other. But there is psychic contact between the two; the evil doings on the disco floor have their counterpart in the dungeon below. The more you get engrossed in modern-day . . . modern-day notions about talismans or any kind of psychic art, and manipulation of psychic objects, pretty soon you realize that anything goes. Some guy could pick up a handful of dog shit, and say, "Look, you hold this, and then the force field around it will, will flow into you."

Warren: Oh, I'm Warren Cuccurullo, hey, and this is my girlfriend Chrissy.
Chrissy: Chrissy . . .
Warren: And uh, we're devoted fans of Frank's, and uh, we're really glad to be fans of Frank's because his music is the thing that keeps me going in my boring lifestyle which revolves around my guitar playing and uh, a few measly students that I have to try and get some money to see Frank in concert as often as possible, which unfortunately is only about uh, 14 times a year, but that seems to be enough for me. For now, anyway. Tonight though I, I tell you one thing . . . 'bout these New York crowds . . . some of 'em . . . they, they get too carried away, you know, because they think Frank Zappa is such a . . . a mad man, you know, they come here to . . . to see him go crazy or something, you know . . . they don't realize that it's . . . there's notes involved, you know . . .