"The History Of The San Clemente Magnetic Deviation"

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Thank you very much. Alright. We have a song now that we did as an encore for the last show, but it works just as well in the middle of the program. It's a topical tune, it has something to do with that subject that we all know and love—the Watergate hearings and the attendant bullshit that goes along with it. The name of the song is "The San Clemente Magnetic Deviation," and I'll tell you a little bit about the history of the tune right now—not that you always wanted to know, but, there's— There's a mysterious thing that happens when you fly in the airplane, you see. They're called the magnetic deviations, and the, uh—I forgot what the name of the federal agency is that regulates all that stuff, but, they send out bulletins to pilots that tell 'em where these magnetic deviations are. And on the map—this, this is true, folks, a little information for ya—on the map it shows areas where if you fly through it in the plane— Shut the fuck up, you little geek! . . . If you fly through these areas in a plane it will cause your compass to deviate more than five degrees thereby making it hard to navigate. So, they have just informed the pilots recently that over San Clemente they have—two or three more of these areas have just popped up, of extreme magnetic deviation. Now isn't that quaint? There you have it, folks. Here's the song. Happy Halloween.


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