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FZ: They had existed as a group called the Soul Giants. They had a leader named Davey Coronado, who played tenor sax and I was brought in as a substitute guitar player, because, uh, Ray Collins, who was the lead singer with this group, had had a fight with the other guitar player and had beaten him up. And they had a job, a weekend job and Ray called me and asked me to come down and … substitute.
And so, after playing with them and, uh, enjoying the experience, and liking what I heard I suggested that we develop, uh, original material and try and make … records. Davey Coronado, who … uhm … well, he was absolute correct, he said, 'If you try and play original material you'll get fired!' 'Cos in order to keep a job in a bar band in those Go-Go-days you had to just play what was on the radio or these stupid little dance songs.
He said, 'You know, I can't do this. Uh, … y'know, I need to earn a living.' And so he left and, uh, I convinced the guys to learn some original songs and Davey was right, we got fired. Every place we worked, we got fired. But eventually we got a record contract. And I don't know whatever happened to Davey.

Players On This Song

FZ and Nigel Leigh

Records On Which This Song Has Appeared

The MOFO Project/Object (Deluxe Edition)

Notes About This Song

According to booklet: BBC Late Show interview with Nigel Leigh, UMRK, March 1993

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