"Pervert's Special Holiday"

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Okay. We're now going to play for you "Penguin In Bondage," "T'Mershi Duween," and uh— Go out, go out of "T'Mershi Duween" into "RDNZL." Think about it for a minute, see if you can execute that. You can do that? Okay, "T'Mershi Duween" goes into "RDNZL." Oh, calm yourself. Ready?

Tell you right now, folks, this is a song for perverts. One of the problems in society today is that nobody is writing enough songs for the perverts, you know? So if any of you people have a blue pencil or a lipstick and a brown paper bag, write a song for a pervert, make him or her happy this week. Especially on Halloween, pervert's special holiday. To every pervert in the audience tonight, we dedicate this to you. Take it away, Ruth, are you ready?


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