"Happy Halloween To Each And Every One Of You"

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Howdy, folks! Happy Halloween to each and every one of you.

Okay, before we get going, I'd like to introduce the members of the group and make sure all of their stuff is working. Then we'll take care of business. Down here on the end is Bruce Fowler on trombone . . . And right here in the middle is Mr. Napoleon Murphy Brock on tenor sax and vocals . . . Over there in the corner with her Halloween jerkin and her little red sticks with the fiberglass sandals, Ruth "Smelling Good Between The Legs" Underwood, on vibes . . . marimba . . . bongos and stuff—hit it, Ruth! . . . alright . . . timpani . . . bass drum . . . gong, large . . . gong, small . . . okay. Ruth has asked me to inform you that due to a technical error during our setup, one of the notes of the vibes are, well—we're missing a note, folks. So if some of her parts sound strange it's because the wire came out. And that gets her off the hook for all the notes that she'll play wrong anyway . . . Heh heh heh . . . Okay, right here in the back, partially covered by Napoleon's bod, is Ralph Humphrey on drumset #1 . . . and cowbells . . . And on drumset #2, Chester Thompson . . . On electric bass, Tom Fowler . . . And direct from San Francisco—where the police break into your recording session all the time—George Duke on multiple keyboards . . . And lurking over in the distance although you can't see him very well, direct from Indianapolis, Indiana, if we can just move the spotlight over just a little bit, Craig Eldon Pinkus, attorney at law . . . Alright, let me see if I'm in tune . . .

That'll do. Ladies and gentlemen, our program will begin with a brand new song that deals with the delicate subject of drug abuse and how it can damage your consciousness to the point where you, just like the character in this song, may be led to seek gratification in a Greyhound bus depot, near a locker and/or located somewhere by the 33rd seat, which is right in proximity to the doo-doo room on the bus. The name of that song is "Pygmy Twylyte." And then after that it goes into "The Idiot Bastard Son," and then . . . And especially for Halloween we have a new song that deals with the subject of cheap monster movies and giant spiders and things of that nature, and the name of that song is "Cheepnis." That's the first three. And when we get to "Cheepnis" let's don't do it as fast as we usually do so they can understand the words, okay? Here we go . . .

One, two, three, four . . .


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