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Carl Lewis Zappa (Baltimore, Maryland, September 10, 1948 [1] - November 10-11, 2020) was one of FZ's brothers.


He was born in 1948 as the third child and son of Francis Zappa (1905-1973) and Rose Marie Zappa (1912-2004). His two older brothers were Frank Zappa (1940-1993) and Bobby Zappa (1943-2018), while his younger sister was Patrice Zappa, aka "Candy" (1951).

Carl Zappa sang "Riot in Cell Block #9" with The Blackouts at the Antelope Valley fair.

He appears in the video "Uncle Meat" and is referenced in the song Dummy Up on Roxy & Elsewhere.

In 2020 Patrice Zappa announced that Carl Zappa had passed away.


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