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Wayne Krantz (July 26, 1956) is an American jazz fusion guitarist.

"I don't believe in musical history. It's a marketing strategy. either commercially or ideologically, and people like Frank Zappa illustrate how silly it is. I gather he lived an uncompromised musical life. He said waht he thought, did what he believed in and produced a lot of fantastic art. The biggest impact his music had on me came just a year or two agoo. I saw a video of a live show he did in Scandinavia in 1973 or '74 and it struck me that he was making a lot of really good music at a time when I was stuck listening to Fleetwood Mac's "Bare Trees". Perhaps to avoid pretension or obscurity, his comedic stuff always offset his musical hyper-sophistication. Whatever the reason, it made sense. He was an inspiration, in short, and anyone touched by his work will be the better for it, now and forever." — Wayne Krantz [1]


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