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Tony Palmer was the director of Frank Zappas movie "200 Motels".

Frank Zappa is pretty pleased with his first movie, "200 Motels". Ask how he feels about it now that it's all finished and he'll say: "I think it turned out pretty good." Tell him that British pop pundit Tony Palmer, who worked on the film, thinks it's the worst pop film he's seen, and he'll say: "That's quite a distinction. But then he's such a controversial little rascal."
Ask him if he can see any reason for Palmer to describe it that way, and he says: "Self publicity for himself perhaps?" It's not so much arrogance, it's a strong belief in what he's doing, and as he says, he does things for people to enjoy, not for critics to write about.

The 'Visual Director' was Tony Palmer who, in his own review of the film in the Observer, described it as being the worst film in the history of western cinema. "Well that gives it some distinction doesn't it," remarked Frank wryly when he heard the review. However, his own view of the film remains unchanged. "I like that movie. I'll stand by that movie."

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