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Tina Turner, born Annie Mae Bullock near Brownsville,TN began singing as a teen, and joined Ike Turner's touring show as an 18-year-old backup vocalist - two years later, Tina was the star of the show. In the Spring of '73, FZ was recording at Bolic Sound in Inglewood, CA - Ike and Tina Turner's studio. FZ: "I wanted to put some back-up singers on...and the road manager...said, 'Well, why don't you just use the Ikettes?' I said, 'I can get the Ikettes?' and he said 'Sure'...Ike Turner insisted that we pay these girls no more than $25 per song, because that's what he paid them...No matter how many hours it took." It's reported that Tina & The Ikettes are credited on the album as "Debbie", "Lynn", and "Susie Glover". Tina Turner provided vocal for Over-Nite Sensation and Apostrophe (').

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