The Village Inn

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Emcee: Ladies and Gentlemen, do you like the band? Huh?
(audience cheers)
Emcee: I wanna hear more than that. Do you like the band? Huh?
(audience cheers)
Woman in audience: And we like the band ‘cause we don’t like you, now get off.
Emcee: Well look Mary, we like you. (laughs)
Motorhead in background: Hey John, you know what key I been doin’ that song in?
Emcee: Ladies and Gentlemen, we will start slowly tonight if we can because we only have twenty minutes ‘til the next...
John in bg: That song you were singin’ before?
Emcee: Twenty minutes before closing time.
John in bg: It was in G wasn’t it.
Emcee: And we appreciate your patronage, and we hope you hurry back. Because each and every weekend after the show, uh, is over we are going to have many attractions to the Village Inn so we would like each and everyone’s cooperation, and have a good time and enjoy yourselves. And lets give the band another hand, Toby on Drums, Frankie Zappo on Guitar, and our own Johnny Franklin on Bass.

Players On This Song

Motorhead Sherwood
Johnny Franklin

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Notes About This Song

The Emcee did not mention Motorhead Sherwood who was playing with the band that evening.

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