Thana Harris

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Thana Harris

Suzannah "Thana" Harris said in an interview that she was hired by FZ to sing because she could imitate the style of a longtime, slightly bored singer in a nightclub / cocktail bar: "[Frank told] me, when he handed me the cassette with the rhythm tracks and a guitar melody line which I was supposed to learn for the lead vocal, that he had tried numerous vocalists for numerous years and hadn't found the right one to sing the lyrics to those songs". Thana provided vocal for Them Or Us, and Sleep Dirt reissue. She is the wife of Bob Harris #2.

  • Thana Harris wrote a book called: Under The Same Moon – My Life with Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Bob Harris and a Community of Other Artistic Souls (Paperback), Mastahna Pub; 1 edition (June 15, 2000), 178 pages.
  • CD by Thana Harris: Thanatopsis original Release Date: June 25, 2000; mostly produced and written by husband Bob Harris.