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Here is an email I just got from Wolf, my initial questions are in dark blue:

To: Maroual
Object: RE: Question abt FZ YCDTOSA VOLS. 1 THRU 6


First of all, I would like to thank you for your website which was very helpful as I am trying to establish a comprehensive Zappa discography at the Zappa Wiki Jawaka.

nice one!
and thanks for the link to my

i'll place a link to your wiki too.

In order to gain credit in our referencing work, we try not to simply copy and paste the information gathered on the web. We also try to double/triple check our sources if possible and to cite them.

my zappa time climaxed about fifteen years ago
and since then i sold most of my humble collection.
anyway i'm happy to help

Could you please answer to the following questions about the Frank Zappa YCDTOSA purple wooden roadcase?
- Do you know the catalog number for the whole box set? Is it RCD 10089/92?

i don't have final proof on this, however
this number i have in my own database and usually i'm very picky about this.
the one i have had the rykodisc volumes 5+6 in it.

- Do you know the barcode for the whole box set? Is it 014431009228?

no idea.
the box does not have any barcode included in the artwork.

- Could you please allow us to copy your picture rcd10089box.jpg and to publish it in our wiki project as a courtesy from you?
- Are you aware about another edition of the same box having every 6 double CDs?

very welcome.
pick everything you find remotely useful!


Maroual 07:34, 13 Apr 2006 (PDT)