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Palermo's current release and stuff

I heard "Sleep Dirt" from Ed's new (or newish) album "Take your clothes off when you dance" on the radio on Saturday (on a Jazz show on KPFA). The DJ was speechless, it literally took him a minute to get his witz (sic) about him before the back-announce. He segue'd into it from another song just after I got into the shower, and it made me wet (or maybe that was the water coming out of the shower) and they were still jamming and hamming it up when I got out of the shower, then I tuned a pile of transistor radios 5 feet high all to the same station (KPFA) to hear it better. So here's what the DJ said of pertinence: "Take your clothes off when you dance" is EPBB's second album, and something about the first album having been released on a label that promptly went belly-up, then was rereleased on another label that may still be adound but that first album is out of print. Also, it made me want to go to NYC because, he said, EPBB is playing a weekly gig there..??!!?!?!!! ... apparently there is enough people out of them 12 mil in the greater NYC metro area (or whatever the stat is) that are interested enough to make it a proposition! Forgive me if I'm repeating things that are already in the article, it's stupid late and I didn't take the time to read it, but at a glance it looked like it didn't have any references to TYCOWYD. -tzf