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I saw them in 1988 in Rotterdam Ahoy, the Netherlands, they were great. Frank Zappa played marvellous guitar.

Hello and welcome Paulus 2,

I temporarily removed your sentence saying that "The double cd, CDDZAP 38 manufactured and marketed by Today Croydon Ltd and made in France, does contain the Boléro." and the release year "1991" you added.

Did you mean that you own or saw CDDZAP 38 with the Boléro (= version 1.1)? If yes, then I suggest to explain in the Comment column of the tab (at the appropriate line) that the CD was "manufactured and marketed by Today Croydon Ltd and made in France". Maybe a shorter sentence would be even nicer.

Do you own or saw the censored CDDZAP 38 without the Boléro (= version 1.2)? If not, then can you provide with a source confirming that this variation exists and was released in 1991?

Thanks for your contributions ;-)

Maroual 08:37, 21 April 2008 (PDT)