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Steven Wilson (November 3, 1967) is a British rock guitarist, best known as a lead member of the progressive rock band Porcupine Tree.


"But as I say, there are many other albums outside of the immediate prog genre that I think are just as important if you want to listen too an interesting span. Everything from Captain Beefheart to Frank Zappa to Scott Walker to those classic Beach Boys and Beatles records, even to bands like Abba! (...) I think people are surprised by that and they kind of smirk when you say it and I'm not joking (laughs). These guys, yes, they wrote cheesy pop music compared to say, the serious music of Frank Zappa and King Crimson, but they did it at the very highest level and you can learn a lot from listening. And I think you can always tell, and it irritates me, but I think you can always tell when a band have a very limited listening diet." [1].

"Frank Zappa continues to be a big inspiration for me. Now there’s someone who'd released an extraordinary high volume of music in his lifetime and even posthumously. But the quality, with one or two exceptions, is extremely high, and the eclecticism is extremely diverse." [2].



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