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Steve Allen (December 26, 1921 - October 30, 2000) was an American television presenter, musician, actor, comedian and writer.

Allen started his career as a radio presenter, but is best known as the first host of "The Tonight Show" (1954-1957) and "The Steve Allen Show" (1956-1964).

Zappa's appearance on "The Steve Allen Show"

From local newspaper in Cucamonga, 1963

A young Frank Zappa was a musical guest in "The Steve Allen Show" on 14 March, 1963, where he introduced himself as a man "playing bicycle" and "the composer of the soundtrack to the world's worst movie: The World's Greatest Sinner". Video material of this episode is available on Youtube and the music itself can be heard as "Music For Two Bicycles & Low Budget TV Orchestra" on the bootleg Lumpy Gravy & Elsewhere. and as Cyclophony on Paul Buff Presents The Pal And Original Sound Studio Archives, Vol. 1.

Other Steve Allen references

One of Zappa's earliest singles, How's Your Bird? (The Track) was a reference to a catch phrase of Allen.

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