Run Home Slow (The Film)

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Release Info

December 15, 1965 USA
Directed by Ted Brenner
Written by Don Cerveris


Run Home Cues, #2
Run Home Cues, #3
Run Home Slow Theme
The Little March
Original Duke Of Prunes



Genre: Western

Tagline: Four frightened people... bound together - torn apart by their own evil!

Conceptual Continuity

Notes About the Film

From the booklet of The Old Masters, Box I:
'RUN HOME SLOW' was a low budget western produced by Tim Sullivan, starring Mercedes McCambridge, written by my friend and high school English teacher, Don Cerveris. I wrote the music for it. The money from this job was used to buy an electric guitar and the Pal Recording Studio in Cucamonga. Pal was re-named 'STUDIO Z.'

From the booklet of You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 5:
These were themes (originally written in 1959) from a cowboy movie for which I did the music in 1962 or 1963 (...). The plot had something to do with a bad ranch lady, a nymphomaniac cowgirl, and a hunch-back handy-man named Kirby who eventually winds up pooching the nympho in a barn, next to the rotting carcass of the family donkey.

Rip Rense, from the booklet of The Lost Episodes:
After several years of setbacks, Run Home Slow was eventually shot (starring Mercedes McCambridge, released in 1965), and Frank's score was finally recorded by a small pick-up orchestra in 1963 at Art Laboe's Original Sound in Hollywood, with Paul Buff engineering.

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