Mercy Fontentot

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Miss Mercy of the GTO's

Vocals on An Evening With Wild Man Fischer.

Conversation ceased, and we were staring at a plump version of Theda Bara wrapped in layers and layers of torn rags, an exotic bag girl with black raccoon eye makeup that dusted down both cheeks and looked like she had twisted two hunks of coal round and round on her eyelids. Her lipstick was a red seeping slash and both earlobes had been split down the middle by the weight of too many dangerous earrings dangling too far down. She was carrying a beat-up satchel that had once been an alligator, its seams bursting open, shedding gaudy garments with each step of her black patent-leather pumps. It looked as if she had come to stay. It was frightening.
Pamela Des Barres describes first meeting Mercy Fontentot in "I’m With the Band"