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Kris Peterson is a soul/R&B vocalist from Detroit. She overdubbed vocals on Your Mouth for Waka/Jawaka.

I met Sal Marquez in a band from Texas called "The Inside Track". The group were mostly North Texas State graduates from where Sal graduated as well. I met this band through my ex-husband, Tom Jolly. Tom was the trumpet player with Brenda Lee's band, "The Casuals".

The group broke up in Washington D.C. Sal went back to L.A. Within six months I was in L.A. working with a band that was being groomed for a contract with R.C.A. records. Sal was also a member of this band. This group folded and I went back home to Detroit. Within six weeks I got a call from the manager of this band to take the material from now defunct band to New York to record it for Richie Havens label, "Stormy Forest", a subsidiary of M.G.M. Records. The name of this album was, "A Child's Dream" (SFS-6011). One of the tunes on this album was written by Sal...."One Sweet Look". Afterward I re-located to L.A. to be closer to the M.G.M. headquarters. Sal was working with Frank and pulled me in on the Waka/Jawaka session. I recorded Your Mouth a duo with Sal. Family obligations brought me back to Detroit in 1979