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Duckman was an American animated TV show, based on the underground comic strip "Duckman" by Everett Peck, which ran four seasons from 1994 to 1997. The program featured Duckman, an alcoholic, sex starved, lazy, arrogant and incompetent antropomorphic duck who "works" as a private detective, assisted by his associate Cornfed, a much brighter pig. Most episodes featured Duckman trying to solve cases and his own personal frustrations about his job and family. Just like The Simpsons the show was a satirical attack at modern (American) society, but even more so strictly aimed at adults.

The first season of the show featured occasional music by Zappa:

  1. Porn Wars
  2. Alien Orifice, Black Napkins, T'Mershi Duween
  3. Theme From Lumpy Gravy, Big Swifty, The Grand Wazoo, The Torture Never Stops
  4. What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?, Dirty Love, The Grand Wazoo, Sinister Footwear
  5. Holiday In Berlin
  6. Hungry Freaks, Daddy
  7. Frogs With Dirty Little Lips
  8. Disco Boy, Help, I'm A Rock, Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance, Friendly Little Finger
  9. Peaches En Regalia
  10. Blessed Relief
  11. (none)
  12. (none)
  13. Theme From Lumpy Gravy

Todd Yvega and Scott Wilkes (according to the series' credits) wrote the title theme and composed it with samples from FZ's Synclavier library. Dweezil Zappa provided the voice for Duckman's son, Ajax.

Zappa never lived to see the program broadcast on TV. That's why the first episode on March 5, 1994 had the dedication: "Dedicated with fond memories to Frank Zappa."