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Dale Bozzio (Born Dale Frances Consalvi, 2nd March, 1955, Boston, MA, USA)

Dale Bozzio features as the female vocalist on FZ albums Joe's Garage Act I, Joe's Garage Acts II & III, Thing-Fish, and The Lost Episodes. She also appears in Baby Snakes (The Film).

The daughter of a Boston carpenter and a furrier, she intended to pursue an acting career and gained an entry into the drama program at Emerson College. However, as she was about to join the program, she discovered she'd beaten 200 other aspiring Playmates for a job at Boston's Playboy Club and opted to be a 'Bunny' for four years, under the name Toni Consalvi . She was named Boston's 'Bunny of the Year' in 1976. "A very social time in my life," she recalled in an interview with Deirdre Donahue for People. She then headed out to Los Angeles to resume the pursuit of her acting dream and met Terry Bozzio in a Hollywood recording studio. Consalvi became Dale Bozzio when they married in 1979.

In 1980 Terry and Dale Bozzio formed the group Missing Persons (originally called US Drag) with former Zappa musicians Warren Cuccurullo on guitar and Patrick O'Hearn on bass. Thing-Fish session man Chuck Wild, a classically trained musician, played keyboards. Their first recording was made at FZ's UMRK studio and became a local No 1 on Bingenheimer's airplays for KROQ radio station. Their album, Spring Session M (an anagram of "Missing Persons"), went gold. The two Bozzios and Cuccurullo appeared in a Playboy Playmate VHS The Lunch Wagon (1981 & film 1982), soundtracked by Missing Persons.

The group disbanded in 1986, and the Bozzios divorced. She had a 1988 disco hit with Simon Simon and has subsequently appeared on shows and toured with her own band which, for contractual reasons, is called Missing Persons, featuring Dale Bozzio.

Dale Bozzio performed at FZ's 50th birthday tribute at the New York Ritz in November 1991, modifying the lyrics of his Packard Goose track to "Music...and Frank Zappa...are the best." She is included on the live album & film of the event, Zappa's Universe.