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Cream was a British rock trio. They were one of the first supergroups, as each member had success before joining this group.[1]


Both, Bruce and Clapton, recorded with Zappa.

Songs covered by Zappa

Concerts with Zappa

68/04/27 Chicago IL US Coliseum


- "One of the things that was very strong about the Cream was their parallel thirds on some of the vocal overdubbing. And, you know, there's a lot of wrong stuff in there by harmony course standards. But that didn't keep you from liking it, did it?"[2]

- Jerry Hopkins: Are there any groups in the business you feel have any legitimacy?

- Frank Zappa: "Yes. I like the Chrysalis. Jimi Hendrix. The Cream. Captain Beefheart. Traffic. And not necessarily in that order." - Quoted from Rolling Stone, issue #14, July 20, 1968.


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