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Arthur Tatum Jr. (October 13, 1909 – November 5, 1956) was an American jazz pianist.

Art Tatum was known for his virtuosic piano playing and creative improvisation. Tatum was widely recognized among his colleagues as the most gifted jazz pianist alive. For many, he was one of the greatest pianists of any musical genre, one of the most distinguished musicians of the 20th century and – apart from the great classical composers – possibly the most accomplished instrumentalist of all time.

"You might have a guitarist who's a Hendrix freak and a keyboard player that loves Art Tatum; Frank figured out who should play when and orchestrated the band. He had the ability to figure out what they were good at and would utilize that in the shows. Even in the auditions, the question was 'What can you do that's fantastic?' That meant anything, musically or otherwise."

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