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Tipper Gore (1948) is a U.S. activist. She was one of the founders, and an outspoken member of, the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC).[1] She is the estranged wife of former U.S. Vice President Al Gore.

Tipper Gore and Gail Zappa later became friends. In a February 2019 interview with Tom Tom Magazine Tipper Gore said: "Frank and I would go out for drinks together after our shows where we were on opposite sides. He felt very strongly on one side and I was on the other, but we liked each other as people. We all loved music. Then I met Gail and we became close friends. So close, that during the campaign trail, when I would have to go to Los Angeles, [Gail] would say, ‘Stay with me!’ So I knew her kids, too." [2]

Tipper Gore played drums on Diva Zappa's single When the Ball Drops (1999). [3]

Tipper Gore was also mentioned and thanked in the liner notes of The MOFO Project/Object (2006) album. [4]


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