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Alphabet Street: do we order by first name or last?

That list is great - except for the fact that it lists names alphabetically by first name, not last. We're going to have to agree on some consensus on how we list things alphabetically...

I'm In favor of "last name" alphabetics... before you feed me to the (mud)sharks in a petulant frenzy though Sofa: I think Dunc and me could resort your list accordingly. ;-) Again: great job!

-- KUR

No problem here... I can reference either way... Here's a secondary list that I have yet to sort, if you're looking for something more to do:

jack anesh designed the cover for the first mothers of invention album Ali N. Askin arranged Frank Zappa's compositions for the Ensemble Modern's "Yellow Shark" concerts. Mark Beam created the Yellow Shark sculpture richard berry & the pharaohs recorded 'louie louie'. Bruce Bickford is best known for his claymation work and animated performace in Frank Zappa's movie "Baby Snakes". theodore bikel - theodore played the role of "rance muhammitz" (aka the devil) in 200 Motels tom brown compiled the rhino beat the boot series. Ed Caraeff took the famous picture that ended on the cover of Frank Zappa's "Hot Rats" album. václav cesák is a czech sculptor. he made the frank zappa monument in bad doberan, germany, that was inaugurated during the 13th zappanale festival. václav is also the drummer and leader of the yahozná band the channels recorded 'the closer you are'. joe chiccarelli - engineer / producer - started working with frank zappa in the late seventies. the first concert he recorded for zappa was the 1978 halloween concert. spencer chrislu - Engineer the cleftones recorded 'little girl of mine'. marque 'marqueson' coy - has been at the monitor board for Zappa's stage shows since 1981 and otherwise sitting in the head office of the premier rehearsal facility in the Los Angeles areaJoe's Garage. He named it, too. gabor csupo - Animator - created The Duckman animation series, used Zappa music as background, and featured the voice of Dweezil Zappa. Gabor Csupo also did the album cover artwork for Zappa's "The Lost Episodes" richard emmet worked for frank zappa as a music copyist and transcriber. the feathers recorded 'johnny darling'. Gerry Fialka used to work for the Zappa Family Trust, answering the phone, taking care of mail order business, etc... he four deuces recorded 'wplj' gene and eunice recorded 'this is my story' Jerry Goode was the producer of the 200 Motels movie. Larry Grossman, who did the cover art for Frank Zappa's "Make A Jazz Noise" ami hadani was an engineer for the first mothers of invention albums bill harrington worked for Frank from '77 to '81. We built his mobil recording truck around '79. ronnie hawkins recorded 'mary lou' tom hidley was an engineer for the first mothers of invention album Jack Hunt was one of the engineers for Frank Zappa's "Hot Rats" sessions at the TTG studios in L.A., July & August 1969. Brian Ingoldsby was the engineer for Frank Zappa's "Hot Rats" sessions at the Sunset Sound studios in L.A., July / August 1969. jackie and the starlites recorded 'valarie' the jayhawks recorded 'stranded in the jungle' john judnich - recording & sound engineer. phil kaufman - road manager when their previous manager (ron nehoda) had killed himself mid-tour, in September 1977. Barry Keene was an engineer for Frank Zappa. Dick Kunc was an engineer for Frank Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention. italian comic book artist tanino liberatore drew the cover for zappa's "the man from utopia" little richard recorded 'directly from my heart' Dave McMacken painted the covers of 200 Motels and Over-Nite Sensation, as well as Rare Meat. kerry mcnabb - engineer Ralph Morris worked with Frank Zappa as a sound engineer during the late 1960s and early 1970s tiger morse took care of fashions for the mothers of invention: we're only in it for the money ron nehoda - Zappa's Road Manager A Suicide In Las Vegas Thomas Nordegg worked for Frank Zappa, videotaping concerts, etceteras. alice ochs took the front cover photo for the second mothers of invention album tony palmer - 1971 Frank Zappa's 200 Motels (cinematographer, director, writer) gary panter - painter, commercial artist, and designer as well as cartoonist, Warner Brothers asked him to do a couple of covers for Frank Zappa albums. neon park did the cover for the mothers of invention: "weasels ripped my flesh". the penguins: memories of el monte / be mine the persuasions were produced by FZ simon prentis - Japanese Translator, in particular, for Frank Zappa fritz rau - concert promoter jerrold schatzberg took care of the photography for the mothers of invention: we're only in it for the money Frank Scheffer made two documentaries about Frank Zappa. Lamarr Bruister was the name FZ used on Simmon's "Lucille..." release. jonathan stockhammer conducted the ensemble modern joel thome organised (+ arranger & conductor) "zappa's universe" Joe Travers is the vaultmeister of the Frank Zappa tape vault. val valentin was the director of engineering for the first mothers of invention records nick venet produced the original sessions for lumpy gravy Haskell Wexler (born 1926) donated his services as cinematographer for Frank Zappa's "Uncle Meat" film. robert wiener Euro translator for FZ 1979 andre williams recorded 'bacon fat' Donald Roller Wilson's photorealistic paintings were used as cover art for Frank Zappa albums tom wilson was the (executive) producer for the first mothers of invention records donald woods recorded 'the man from utopia' Todd Yvega transcribed Zappa synclavier compositions for the Ensemble Modern