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Alphabet Street: do we order by first name or last?

That list is great - except for the fact that it lists names alphabetically by first name, not last. We're going to have to agree on some consensus on how we list things alphabetically...

I'm In favor of "last name" alphabetics... before you feed me to the (mud)sharks in a petulant frenzy though Sofa: I think Dunc and me could resort your list accordingly. ;-) Again: great job!

-- KUR

Request for Clarification

I have changed the "musicians / associates list" to last names first. Now's a good time for this question (the hole goddam thing could have been explained a lot better, Mr. Librarian): are we seperating the names with a comma? None of your examples indicate such. But your examples for song titles indicate a comma after main title and in front of the article. Hence, I'm led to this question. Because, quite seriously, I am re-doing this list for the last effing time...


To comma or not to comma

No comma's for names. E.g.: "Zappa Ahmet".

Comma's for titles and track-titles that have an article ("the", "an", ...) as their first word. E.g.: "Dangerous Kitchen, The".

Read the updated guidelines for more details.

I too am learning as I go...

-- KUR