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The New Brown Clouds (1972 - unknown)The New Gilded GrapeThe New Rock
The New Rock'n'RollThe New York TimesThe New Yorker
The Nova ConventionThe Nova Convention: Entermedia Theater, Dec 1978The Now Sound
The NutmegsThe Ocean Is The Ultimate SolutionThe Old Masters
The Old Masters, Box IThe Old Masters, Box IIThe Old Masters, Box III
The Old Masters Box II SamplerThe Old Masters Box I SamplerThe Olympics
The Oracle Has It All Psyched OutThe Orange County Lumber TruckThe Orchids
The OsmondsThe Other Side Of This LifeThe Paragons
The PenguinsThe Perfect StrangerThe Perspective of Frank Zappa
The PersuadersThe PersuasionsThe Pigs' Music
The Pink PantherThe PitThe Plaster Casters Of Chicago
The Plastic People Of The UniverseThe PlasticsThe Poodle Lecture
The Pop BagThe PresidentThe Purple Lagoon
The PurseThe QueenThe Radio Is Broken
The Rainbow Theatre IncidentThe RamblersThe Raven
The Real Frank Zappa BookThe Rejected Mexican Pope Leaves The StageThe Residents
The Return Of The Son-Of-Zappa RapThe Return Of The Son Of Monster MagnetThe Revenge Of The Dead Indians
The Rite Of SpringThe RobinsThe Rock Family Affair
The Rock RevelationThe Rolling Stone Interviews Vol. 1The Rolling Stones
The Roxy PerformancesThe Ryko DiscThe Ryko Variations
The Rykodisc Fall '95 MixerThe Sanzini BrothersThe Sealed Tuna Bolero
The Search For Tom DooleyThe Secret Jewel Box: Archives Vol. 2. - FZ Original RecordingsThe Seeds
The ShaggsThe Sheik Yerbouti TangoThe Short Girl
The Silver MistressThe SimpsonsThe Sin In Synclavier
The SolitairesThe SootsThe Soul Giants
The SpanielsThe Speakeasy, BostonThe Speakeasy Club, UK
The Spew KingThe Star-Spangled BannerThe Story Of Joe's Garage
The Story Of My LifeThe Story Of Ruben & The JetsThe Story Of Uncle Meat
The Story Of Willie The PimpThe Supplement TapeThe Talking Asshole
The ThingThe Three StoogesThe Toilet Poster
The Torture Never StopsThe Torture Never Stops, Part 1The Torture Never Stops, Part 2
The Torture Never Stops (The Film)The TripThe Trombone's Connected To The Lip Bone.
The TroubadourThe True Story Of 200 MotelsThe True Story of the LSO
The Truth Is – They're Not As Ugly As Their PicturesThe Truth – The Whole Truth – And Nothing But The CheeseburgerThe Tubes
The TurbansThe TurtlesThe Twilight Zone
The Uncle Frankie ShowThe Uncle Meat VariationsThe Untouchables
The VaultThe VeloursThe Velvet Underground
The VelvetsThe Very Best Of Dr. DementoThe Very Best of Frank Zappa
The ViceroysThe Village InnThe Village People
The Village Recording StudiosThe Voice Of CheeseThe Washington Post
The Wasp WomanThe Way I See It BarryThe West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
The White Boy TroublesThe White HouseThe Who
The Wild Man Fischer StoryThe Words And Music Of Frank ZappaThe Works
The World's Greatest SinnerThe World-Wide Symphony OrchestraThe World Church
The World’s Greatest Sinner (The Film)The Worst Of The MothersThe Worst Reviews
The Wrong ObjectThe Yellow Shark
The Zappa Affair, 87-03The Zappa AlbumThe Zappa Legacy
Theda BaraThelma ToddThelonious Monk
Them Or UsThem Or Us (The Book)Theme From "Bonanza"
Theme From "The Bartok Piano ConcertoTheme From Burnt Weeny SandwichTheme From Lumpy Gravy
Theodore BikelTheodore SturgeonThese New Puritans
They're Doing the Interview of the Century, Part 1They're Doing the Interview of the Century, Part 2They're Doing the Interview of the Century, Part 3
They Made Me Eat ItThey Seem To Think Frank’s ObsceneThing-Fish
Thing-Fish/Them or Us PromoThing-Fish: The Return of Frank Zappa
Thing-Fish DemosThing-Fish Rap.Things That Look Like Meat
Things We Lost In The FireThink It Over (Some) / Think It Over (Some More)Third Piano Concerto (Bartók)
ThirteenThis Ain't CNNThis Is A Test
This Is All WrongThis Is Phase IIIThis Paradise
This Town Is A Sealed Tuna Sandwich (prologue)This Town Is A Sealed Tuna Sandwich (reprise)Thomas. E Radecki
Thomas FichterThomas JeffersonThomas Nordegg
Thomas PaineThomas PooleThose Mothers Can Really Play
Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before MeThou Shalt Honor Thy Father And Thy MotherThou Shalt Keep Holy The Sabbath Day
Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy NeighborThou Shalt Not Commit AdulteryThou Shalt Not Covet The House Of Thy Neighbor, The Wife Of Thy Neighbor, Nor His Male Servant, Nor His Female Servant, Nor His Ass, Nor Anything That Belongs To Thy Neighbor
Thou Shalt Not KillThou Shalt Not Make Unto Thee Any Graven Image - Any Likeness Of Anything In Heaven Above, Nor In The Earth Beneath, Nor In The Water Under The EarthThou Shalt Not Steal
Thou Shalt Not Take The Name Of The Lord Thy God In VainThree Hours Past MidnightThreesome No. 1
Threesome No. 2Tibor ZeligTies
Tiger MorseTiger RoachTijuana
Tijuana SurfTim BuckleyTim Carey
Tim DaweTim MooreTim Sullivan
Time For BeanyTime Is MoneyTime signature
Times BeachTin AngelTina Turner
Tink Walks AmokTinsel Town Rebellion (The Track)
Tinsel Town Rebellion BandTinseltown RebellionTiny Sick Tears
Tiny TimTipper GoreTired of Pretending …
Titties 'n BeerToad-OToads Of The Short Forest
Todd YvegaTodd Yvega (Keyboard article)Together Again
TokyoTom & JerryTom Bradley
Tom FowlerTom HidleyTom Malone
Tom MixTom RaneyTom Waits
Tom WilsonTom Wilson (The Track)Tomcat A-Go-Go
Tommy ChongTommy Marlowe
Tommy MarsTommy MorganTommy Sandi
Tommy TedescoTomorrow (The Band)Toni Carbone
Tony AllenTony DowTony Duran
Tony OrtegaTony PalmerTony Palmeri
Tony RizziTony RodriguezToo Ugly For Show Business
Top Pop SecretTorinoTorrance
Toshiba-EMI LimitedTotoTouch Me There
Touch Me There (The Track)Touring Can Make You CrazyTours/1970
Trabalhadores Do ComercioTraca/Matraca
Tracey UllmanTrack IndexTrack List
Tracks per AlbumTracy Is A SnobTracy Veal
Traffic (The Band)Trance-FusionTrance-Fusion (The Track)
Transylvania BoogieTreacherous CretinsTreves
Trevor Charles HowellTrey Anastasio
Trick Or TreatTrident StudiosTrio Cucamonga
Tropicana MotelTrouble Every Day
Trout Mask ReplicaTrout Mask Replica: ReviewsTruck Driver Divorce
True GloveTryin' To Grow A ChinTujunga
Tuna Fish PromenadeTupper-WareTurkey
Tush Tush Tush (A Token Of My Extreme)Tuvan Throat SingersTweezers
Twenty-OneTwenty Small Cigars
Twickenham StudiosTwinkle TitsTwisted Sister
Two Orchestral StupiditiesTyler, The CreatorTōru Takemitsu
URSULA MINOR "The Little Dip"Ueli WigetUmphrey's McGee
Unauthorized Compilations (by Cover)Uncle Alan
Uncle Ben's RiceUncle Bernie's FarmUncle Ed