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Chuck GroveChuck HigginsChuck Wild
ChumbawambaChunga's RevengeChunga's Revenge (The Track)
ChunkyChunky, Novi & ErnieChurch Chat
Church of American Secular HumanismChurch of the SubGeniusCigars
Cillian MurphyCindyCindy Wells
Cinematheque 16Circle Star TheatreCitizens Against Music Censorship
City Of Tiny LitesCivilization Phaze IIIClarence "Gatemouth" Brown
Classical ZappaClaude Achille Debussy
Claude RainsClaudia SackClawfinger
Clean American VersionClean Cuts From Sheik YerboutiClean Cuts from Tinsel Town Rebellion
Clean Cuts from You Are What You IsCletus Awreetus-AwrightusCliff Goldstein
Clowns On VelvetClubs (CC)Co de Kloet
Coach WareCocaine DecisionsCock-Suckers' Ball
Cold Light GenerationCold WarColin Towns plus NDR Bigband
CollarsCollier's EncyclopediaCologne
Colonial West ModelColumbia RecordsColumbia S.C.
ColumbusComedic Crap Detection: Frank Zappa's "Broadway The Hard Way"Commerce Comittee
CommunismCompilations (by Cover)Concentration Moon
Conceptual ContinuityConceptual Continuity (BTB)Conceptual Continuity Clues concept
ConeheadConfessions of a MetalheadCongress Shall Make No Law (The Track)
Conlon NancarrowConrad & The Hurricane StringsConstellations
ConversationCopenhagenCops & Buns
Cordwainer SmithCordyCorn Hole
Cosmik DebrisCosmik Debris (The Book)Cosmo Alley
Count Catanti
CowboysCrab-Grass Baby
Cradle RockCraig "Twister" Steward
Crazy JerryCreamCream Cheese (Work Part)
Creg CowanCrew Slut
CriscoCruising For Burgers
Cruising With Ruben & The JetsCrush All BoxesCry Baby:The Pedal that Rocks the World
Cucamonga (1962-1964)Cucamonga (The Track)Cucamonga - Frank's Wild Years
Cucamonga Science & BeyondCucamonga Years (by Cover)Cucamonga Years - The Early Works Of Frank Zappa (1962-1964)
Curved AirCynthia Dobson
Cynthia Plaster-CasterCzechoslovakiaD.C. Boogie
DJ SignifyDJ Z-Trip
D CruxDadaDaddy, Daddy, Daddy
Daddy-o Curtis CrumpDaddy Daddy DaddyDaisy
Dale BozzioDallas CopDamp Ankles
Dan RatherDan StudneyDana Hughes
Dance ContestDance Me ThisDance Of The Just Plain Folks
Dance Of The Rock & Roll InterviewersDancin' FoolDancin' Fool Promo
Dangerous Kitchen: The Subversive World of ZappaDaniel CiampoliniDaniel K. Inouye
Daniel SchorrDaniël DeeDanke '80
Danny HelferinDanny SchrierDano
Dar Al ZanuckDark Water!Darling Nikki
Darryl DybkaDaryl SmithDas Capitalist
Data For Sensitive or Critical-sensitive PositionDave AerniDave Coronado
Dave FrankenDave ParlatoDave Samuels
Davey MoireDavid A. DukeDavid Anderle
David BowieDavid Crosby
David FrickeDavid GreenbergDavid Greene
David LogemanDavid McMackenDavid Ocker
David ShostakDavid Stone Martin
David ThomasDavid WalleyDavid Walley's Exclusive Interview
David WellsDe LiteraLuisterplaatDead Girls Of London
Dead Girls Of London PromoDead Of NightDear Jeepers
Death Valley DaysDebbieDebbie (No.2)
Debbie No 2Debbie WilsonDebra
Debra KadabraDecca
December 21Dee SniderDeep Purple
Del-Fi RecordsDel Casher
Dennis BudimirDennyDenny Bruce
Denny WalleyDental Hygiene DilemmaDepartment of Defense
DepartureDer Komponist Frank ZappaDerailroaded - Inside The Mind Of Larry "Wild Man" Fischer
DeseriDesireeDetlef Tewes
Deutsche GrammophonDeutsches MuseumDevin Townsend
DevoDew On The Newts We GotDewey Terry
Dialogue: Frank ZappaDiane BakerDick Barber
Dick HuggDick KuncDickie's Such An Asshole
Didier LockwoodDidier PateauDidja Get Any Onya?
Die Hit-Giganten - PartyklassikerDie Ärzte
Dieter BoéDietmar WiesnerDifferential
Dinah-Moe HummDinarDink Williams
Dio FaDio Fa (The Track)Diphteria Blues
DiplodocusDirectly From My Heart To YouDirty Love
DiscReet RecordsDiscoDisco-Night mit Black & White
Disco BiscuitsDisco Boy
Discography (by Cover)Disconnected Synapses (BTB)
Diseases Of The BandDitties And BeerDiva Zappa
DivanDizzy GillespieDjango Reinhardt
DoRoDo Not Pass GoDo Not Try This At Home
Do You Like My New Car?DodgeDoes Humor Belong In Music?
Does Humor Belong In Music? (The Film)
Does Humor Belong In Music (Box)Does This Kind Of Life Look Interesting To You?Does This Mother Know Best?
Dog BreathDog Breath, In The Year Of The PlagueDog Eat Dog
Dolf Hartmann Präsentiert die Frank Zappa StoryDominique ChevalierDon't Eat The Yellow Snow
Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?Don "Sugarcane" HarrisDon & Dewey
Don BrewerDon CerverisDon Christlieb
Don EllisDon Julian
Don PardoDon Paulsen interviews FZDon Preston
Don Preston Interview, 92-08-26Don Preston Trio
Don Waldrop
Donald DuckDonald Roller WilsonDonald Trump
Donald W. Riegle Jr.Donald WoodsDong Work For Yuda
Donna No 1Donna No 2Donovan
DoreenDot RecordsDotty Dribble
Double DynamiteDoug RostDoug Sax
DownBeatDown In De Dew
Down and Dirty DuckDowney
Dr. DementoDr. Demento's 20th Anniversary Collection
Dr. JohnDr. Knapp
Dr. RoccaDr. Ruth
Dr. ZhivagoDrakma
DranoDream GirlsDream Theater
DristanDroodlesDrop Dead
Dropping DildosDrowning WitchDrugs
Drums Are Too NoisyDub Room SpecialDublin
Duck Duck GooseDuckmanDuke Ellington
Duke Of EarlDumb All OverDummy Up
Duncan HunterDuodenumDupree's Paradise