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Patrice Joanne Zappa, Born: 1951, Baltimore, Maryland

FZ's sister. Carl gave his baby sister the name "Candy" because he thought she was sweet.

At the age of 13 sang with FZ and Ray Collins at The Pit

She lives in Valley Village, California.

In 2003 Patrice published My Brother Was A Mother, a "Zappa Family Album" focusing mostly on how the Zappa's as a family fared in the 40's, 50's through early 60's. Note: Bobby Zappa (as C.R. Zappa) wrote an article in 1968, "My Brother Is an Italian Mother" (Jazz & Pop).

Candy has performed with numerous bands on both the East and West Coasts and Europe. She is featured prominently on Nigey Lennon's CD, "Reinventing The Wheel", which also features Mike Keneally on guitar.

See also: Bobby Zappa and Carl Zappa.