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[[Patrice Joanne Zappa]], FZ's sister, also called "Candy". She lives in [[Valley Village]], [[California]].
In 2003 Patrice published [[My Brother Was A Mother]], a "Zappa Family Album" focusing mostly on how the Zappa's as a family fared in the 40's, 50's through early 60's. Note: [[Bobby Zappa]] (as C.R. Zappa) wrote an article in 1968, "[[My Brother Is an Italian Mother]]" ([[Jazz & Pop]]).
Candy has performed with numerous bands on both the East and West Coasts and Europe. She is featured prominently on [[Nigey Lennon]]'s CD, "[[Reinventing The Wheel]]", which also features [[Mike Keneally]] on guitar.
See also: [[Bobby Zappa]] and [[Carl Zappa]].
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