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Lene Lovich (Born Lili-Marlene Premilovich, Detroit, Michigan, 30 March 1949)

Lene Lovich was one of the musicians in FZ's Fraudulent DJ playlist on BBC Radio 1's Star Special show. (Track 12; Lucky Number)

An accomplished saxophone player and multi-talented performer, Lovich was one of the pioneers of female punk rock with releases on the UK Stiff label.

Lovich later released a single, "Don't Kill The Animals," with Nina Hagen (who also features on an FZ radio-playlist). Lovich had also appeared with Hagen and Herman Brood in the 1978 film Cha Cha, for which the three of them created the soundtrack.

In 2007, a DVD was released, featuring a performance Lovich gave at Studio 54 in 1981, entitled; "Lene Lovich: Live from New York" .

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