Freaks & Motherfuckers (BTB)

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Note: The correct title of this album is "Freaks And Motherfu#@%!". Since it contains characters that don't work well with the wiki system, the article-name had to be changed accordingly!

Release Info

Released July 1991. This album is part of Beat The Boots I and is a live recording from "Fillmore East", NYC November 13, 1970.


  1. Happy Together (01:26)
  2. Wino Man - With Dr. John Routine (07:44)
  3. Concentration Moon (01:19)
  4. Pallidan Routine (01:14)
  5. Call Any Vegetable (08:35)
  6. Little House I Used To Live In (inclduding "Penis Dimension") (04:34)
  7. Mudshark Variations (01:25)
  8. Holiday In Berlin][with lyrics!] [including "Would You Like a Snack?" (03:34)
  9. Sleeping In A Jar][including notes from "Inca Roads" & "Easy Meat" themes (07:23)
  10. Cruising For Burgers (02:51)


FZ guitar, vocals, Mark Volman vocals, Howard Kaylan vocals, Jeff Simmons bass, vocals, George Duke keyboards, trombone, Ian Underwood keyboards, Aynsley Dunbar drums


The Mothers Of Invention played at The Fillmore in NY 4 shows on 13th & 14th November 1970. The recordings on Freaks (and on Tengo Na Minchia Tanta - one of the other bootlegs)are from the 2 shows played on the 13th. The correct playing order on Freaks is:

From early show - Little House I Used To Live In (Incl. Penis Dimension) - Mud Shark Variations (Incl. Penis Dimension Recall) - Holiday In Berlin (with lyrics)(Incl. Would You Like A Snack?) - Inca Roads / Easy Meat (just approx. 60 seconds here, but 7 min. on Tenga...) - Cruisin For Burgers - Concentration Moon - Palladin Routine

From late show - Call Any Vegetable

See also the "Tenga..." boot info

Conceptual Continuity