Elliot Ingber

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Elliot Ingber was an American rock guitarist.

He joined The Mothers early in 1966, shortly before they signed with Verve. Ingber's guitar can be heard on the albums Freak Out!, Lumpy Gravy, You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 5, The Lost Episodes and Mystery Disc.

He also recorded on the Boy Wonder I Love You sessions.

He can be seen in the Zappa movies Uncle Meat and Video From Hell.

According to Jimmy Carl Black Ingber was fired after tripping on LSD on stage and not realizing that his amplifiers weren't working. After leaving The Mothers in 1967 he formed Fraternity Of Man.

Joined Captain Beefheart in the early 1970's performing as Winged Eel Fingerling.

From the "biographical trivia" section on the Freak Out! (1966) album:

... Elliot digs the blues. He has a big dimple in his chin. We made him grow beard to cover it up. He just got out of the Army. Lucky for the Army.