Burnt Weeny Sandwich

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Burnt Weeny Sandwich
Released February 1970




  1. WPLJ (02:53)
  2. Igor's Boogie, Phase One (00:36)
  3. Overture To A Holiday In Berlin (01:27)
  4. Theme From "Burnt Weeny Sandwich" (04:32)
  5. Igor's Boogie, Phase Two (00:36)
  6. Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown (06:24)
  7. Aybe Sea (02:46)
  8. Little House I Used To Live In (18:42)
  9. Valarie (03:14)

Release Notes

Produced and conducted by Frank Zappa.
Cover art by Cal Schenkel.
Album design by John Williams.

Liner Notes

Background Information

By this point, listeners got the idea of meat vs. vegetables Call Any Vegetable, Mr. Green Genes, etc.): active people vs. passive ones, and real music vs. numb consumerism. When discussing Absolutely Free with an interviewer from the International Times in 1967, Frank said that “people, even if they are inactive, apathetic or unconcerned at this point, can be motivated toward a more useful sort of existence. I believe that if you call any vegetable, then it will respond to you.” In addition to a few album titles from this period, including Sandwich of course, references to meat can be found in song titles, present and future (The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue and Things That Look Like Meat, for example).
     Of course, this album title mainly refers to the sandwiched song order: Old R&B covers open and close the album.

On the back cover is a picture taken by Cal Schenkel of Ian Underwood pretending to eat a shoe or boot. A thought cloud comes from his temple: “God! This is a tasty little sucker!” It’s a reference to Mr. Green Genes from Uncle Meat (“Eat your shoes”). The picture comes from the Mothers’ September-October 1968 European tour.

Frank chose the front album cover long after it had been designed by Cal in early 1967; the “crucified on technology” sculpture was originally concocted in the Zappas’ New York apartment on Charles Street for an Eric Dolphy album that was never released.

According to Cal, Frank solarized and developed the inner-gatefold Apostolic picture of Don Preston in his own closet.

See also: Burnt Weeny Sandwich (The Film).

Conceptual Continuity


ZFT # Version # # discs Format Catalog # Release
Artwork Comment
9 1
1 LP Warner Bizarre/Reprise
RS 6370
1970-02-09 None Cal Schenkel, John Williams US edition. Matrix # Side1:
RS-6370-A 30975 - 1B
RS-6370-B 30976 - 1B
Unknown 1 LP Barking Pumpkin
BPR 8888-3
1986-11-25     Included in The Old Masters, Box II set.
1 CD Barking Pumpkin
1991 0013347423920   US edition.
1 CD Rykodisc
RCD 10509
1995-05-02 0014431050923   US edition. Matrix # IFPI L501 IFPI 8725 DISCTRONICS RCD 10509 03
1 CD VideoArts
VACK 5081
1995-06-25 4988112406797   Japanese edition.
1 CD VideoArts
VACK 5216
1996-04-15 4988112408166   Japanese edition.
1 CD VideoArts
VACK 1210
2001-09-21 4988112412668   Japanese edition, mini-album papersleeve.

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