1975 Orchestral Favorites Incarnation

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== The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra == 1975 Orchestral Favorites Incarnation.

On September 17, and 18,1975, the Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra (Phase 2), conducted by Michael Zearott, did two concerts playing the music of Frank Zappa. Zappa played guitar on a few pieces.

Mike Altschul - flute, trumpet

John Bergamo - percussion

Terry Bozzio - drums

Arthur Briegleb - french horn

Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet) - soprano saxophone; Don played soprano sax at the very end of one of the concerts, according to Matt Groening. He reports that at the end of the concert, after all the musicians had left, Don appeared, sax in hand. He played freely for a few minutes.

Bobby Dubow - violin

David Duke - french horn

George Duke - keyboards

Earle Dumler - oboe

Jock Ellis - trombone

Alan Estes - percussion

Glenn Ferris - trombone

Bruce Fowler - trombone

Gene Goe - trumpet

Pamela Goldsmith - viola

Ralph Grierson - keyboards

Dana Hughes - bass trombone

Jerry Kessler - cello

Mike Lang - keyboards

Andre Lewis - organ

Bill Mays - clavinet

Joann McNabb - bassoon

Malcolm McNabb - trumpet

Jay Migliori - woodwinds

Tommy Morgan - harmonica

Victor Morosco - flute, clarinet, saxophone

Lou Anne Neill - harp

Dave Parlato - bass

Ray Pizzi - reeds

Roy Poper - trumpet, bassoon or clarinet

Marty Perellis - road management

Tom Raney - percussion

Ray Reed - flute

Emil Richards - percussion

David Shostak - flute

Kenny Shroyer - trombone

Don Waldrop - trombone

John Wittenberg - violin

Frank Zappa - guitar

Michael Zearott - conductor