1967 Lumpy Gravy Incarnation

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== The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra == 1967 Lumpy Gravy Incarnation:

On March 14, 15 and 16, 1967 the Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Sid Sharp, recorded the orchestral parts for Frank Zappa's Lumpy Gravy album. All sessions took place at Capitol Studios, 1750 North Vine Street, Hollywood, CA. All sessions were paid by Capitol on April 7, 1967.

J. K. Adams - chorus

Harold Ayres - strings

John Balkin - bass

Dick Barber - chorus

James "Spider" Barbour - chorus

Arnold Belnick - strings

Harold G. Bemko - strings

Charles Berghofer - bass

Jimmy Carl Black - chorus

James E. Bond Jr. - bass

Arthur E. Briegleb - french horn

Dennis Budimir - guitar

Frank Capp - drums, latin

Captain Beefheart - chorus (uncredited)

Don Christlieb - bassoon, contra bassoon

Gene Cipriano - oboe, flute, bass flute, E flat clarinet, bass clarinet, contra bass clarinet

Eric Clapton - chorus

Louie "The Turkey" Cuneo - chorus

Vincent DeRosa - french horn

Joseph DiFiore - strings

David A. Duke - french horn

Jesse Ehrlich - strings

Alan Estes - percussion

Gene P. Estes - mallets, percussion, tympani, Latin

Roy Estrada - chorus

Larry Fanoga - chorus

Victor Feldman - tympani, Latin, percussion, mallets

John L. "Bunk" Gardner - flute, piccolo, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, bass, soprano, tenor saxes

James Getzoff - strings

Philip Goldberg - strings

John Guerin - drums

Bruce Hampton - chorus

Jim Haynes(Helms?) - guitar

Harry Hyams - strings

Jules Jacob - oboe, English horn, flute, piccolo, tenor sax

Pete Jolly - piano, celeste, electric harpsichord

Raymond J. Kelley - strings

Harold Kelling - chorus

Jerome A. Kessler - strings

John Kilgore - chorus

Alexander Koltun - strings

Bernard Kundell - strings

William Kurasch - strings

Michael A. Lang - piano, celeste, electric harpsichord

Arthur Maebe - french horn

Leonard Malarsky - strings

Shelly Manne - drums

Lincoln Mayorga - piano, celeste, electric harpsichord

Lew McCreary - trombone

Ted Nash - flute, bass flute, alto sax, contra b. clarinet, clarinet, bass clarinet

Richard Perissi - french horn

Charlie Phillips - chorus

Thomas Poole - percussion

George F. Price - french horn

Jerome J. Reisler - strings

Emil Richards(Radocchia)- mallets, percussion, tympani, Latin

Lyle Ritz - bass

Trefoni Rizzi - guitar

Robert Ross - arranger

Johnny Rotella - flute, piccolo, baritone sax, E flat contra clarinet, bass clarinet, clarinet, bass and alto sax,

Joseph Saxon - strings

Ralph Schaeffer - strings

Cal Schenkel - chorus

Leonard Selic - strings

Jim "Motorhead" Sherwood - chorus

Kenneth Shroyer - tenor and bass trombone, bass trumpet

Paul Smith - piano, celeste, electric harpsichord

Joan Steele -

Thomas J. Tedesco - guitar, bells, bongos

Alfred Viola - guitar

Kenneth Watson - percussion

Robert West - bass

Ronnie Wiliiams - chorus

Gail Zappa - chorus

Tibor Zelig - strings

James C. Zito - trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo

Other Chorus: Charlotte / Gilly / Sammy / Tony / the girls from Apostolic (Maxine, Becky, Monica) / the guys from Atlanta / The Other John

This list represents what is known from Album credits, Capitol Records contracts (via Greg Russo), and commentary from altfan.frank.zappa